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WW1 theme day for primary schools

I will visit your school in character as a WW1 soldier, telling a story of life on the Western Front

  • 6 hr
  • From 300 British pounds
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Ever wondered what the reality of living and fighting in the trenches was? I will come and visit your school in character as a 1st World War soldier who will tell the story of life on the Western Front in the 1st World War. The students will hear real stories about the way that soldiers coped – not only with the fighting – but with keeping clean, sleeping, eating and staying sane. They will listen to the story of Sgt. Albert Goldstraw who joined the British Army in 1914 and fought throughout the whole war. They will read and examine his story in detail; and will look at what motivated him to join the army. They will also look at recruitment posters from the time and create their own advert for joining up. They will handle real artifacts from the conflict, and try to make judgments about the reality of everyday life in a 1st World War trench. These are primary sources and include equipment, weapons, food and clothing. The students have the chance to try on clothing to feel the reality of 1st World War clothing. They will have the chance to learn about the conditions, the feelings and the humour that existed for soldiers of all sides. Real images and stories are supplied. All are age-appropriate and will help tell the story of the reality of the trenches. Finally, they have literacy and empathy activities that will consolidate their learning and also allow them to be creative. All resources are supplied and lesson plans provided for the group work. These are supplied to schools prior to the day so that staff can adapt them if necessary. Suitable for up to 120 students (split into groups of 30 for some activities)

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