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WW2 theme day for primary schools

Students go into detailed research about the Home Front in Britain during the 2nd World War.

  • 6 hr
  • 300 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

I come dressed in character as a soldier on leave and help the students understand the reality of evacuation, the Blitz, rationing and the way that people coped during the war. The day would start with a storytelling session, and a Q and A. Artifacts are used to illustrate the events being told. Students will be shown images from the Blitz, evacuation and Dunkirk. All the time, the scene for the day is being set. There are a series of workshops after the opening story-telling session. The students examine the evacuation of children and the impact it had on their lives. They pack what they think they would need for a life away from their parents and their home. They then consider the Blitz and what it would be like to live in London in 1940. They hear the siren, hear the bombs fall and imagine the impact on everyday life in British cities. Students will examine the images of the Blitz, look at letters written in London in 1940, and will complete tasks based around empathy with people who lived through it. They will also look in detail at the attack on Coventry in 1941. Finally, students will look at rationing. They will look at the rations and how people received them. They will try and work out why some items were restricted and others were not. They will receive a week's chocolate ration and compare it to their weekly intake of sweets. They will also plan a weekly shop on the basis of their rationing limits. All activities are resourced and planned by the 3 Rs prior to the day. They will be sent to school so teaching staff can examine and adapt if necessary. Suitable for up to 120 students (groups of 30 for some sessions).

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