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Always on the search for History.

Well this year I spent my holiday in Devon. The weather was sunny, the temperature hot and the historical findings excellent.

As the new term was approaching, I was in the market for new artefacts. Lynton in Devon provided rich pickings. There was a Home Guard backpack - dated 1943. There was also a set of naval binoculars as used by British warships in the Battle of the Atlantic. Finally - and best of all - there was a 2nd World War bicycle in good condition. I snapped up al the items, and despite it being a really tight fit in the car - they are now home and being restored.

I love giving students the chance to handle artefacts and items. The feel, the weight, even the smell can teach people about the past. I have my first 2nd World War day on 26 September in Warwick, and I cant wait to give the students the chance to examine these new treasures. It's one of the things that makes this new adventure so exciting for me.

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