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D Day - the 80th Anniversary

80 years ago, over 250 000 men and women were poised to launch the first attack on Hitler's Europe. There were also another 1 million+ ready to tollow up. This is the first of several key historical anniversaries this year - including the commemorations of Arnhem, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge. There are not many veterans left now, and this will see the great events of the 2nd World War pass into genuine history.

My link to the past is through my family. My father and his brothers fought in the War. My mum was a child growing up in the country and remembered Dunkirk, the Blitz and evacuation. This week I am working at the National Memorial Arboretum meeting D Day veterans and taking part in the celebrations of the 6 June. Celebrating the bravery and remembering the sacrifice.

My career and love of history is all about keeping these events alive. I have taken tours to the battlefields of Normandy, retraced the steps of men lost on the day. I have also gone into schools in character and built awareness of why this matters. D Day was described by General Eisenhower as 'a crusade'. The fight against evil and tyranny is as real today as it was in 1944. If you feel that I can help your school, organisation o r group in teaching this, then get in touch.

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