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Shenstone Lodge go back to the 1940s

Well it was an amazing experience on Tuesday 12 December at Shenstone Lodge school in Staffordshire. Year 6 have been studying the 2nd World War, and we were able to help out with sessions on the weapons of the war, the Blitz, the Home Front and the Holocaust. The students were given a chance to handle lots of artefacts, wear the uniforms and examine evidence.

I cannot praise these students enough. The questions they asked were interested, informed and often 'left-field'. The school was set up brilliantly, and if you get chance, come and visit their underground cellar which has been set up as an air raid shelter. We had fun, learnt loads and made memories. My thanks go to the wonderful year 6 staff led by Mrs Foulkes, and the Head Ian Mitchell.. It was a splendid day - and I hope to be back.

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