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Its all about Rome

So I have two Roman days this week, and also a conference in Walsall on Friday where I will have a business stall. This last few days has been about creating unusual and unique ways to tell the story of Rome to young people.

Battle drill is fun - I have created 30 bespoke shields for the students to use, and standard issue (foam) Roman swords (Gladius for all you historians out there). I want to get them to feel the pressure of being in battle, and also experience some of the sensations of being a legionary back in Ancient Rome.

The second method I am employing is food. Today, I have been cooking Roman delicacies for them to try. On Wednesday I am in a school where students have visual learning impairments. Taste and Smell are going to be crucial for the day. So it has been fish, olives, grapes and a dish called Tyropatina. This is a traditional sweet dish made from honey, eggs and goats milk. It was a sweet treat for the Romans and I shall be interested what the students make of it.

Finally - the bath house and scent. Rome was full of smells that would seem both familiar and new to a modern nose. I am preparing scents that would have been used in the bath house, and also fragrances. For example, gladiator sweat was highly prized amongst Roman women - who knew?

My new business is allowing me to focus on the history without the stress of exams. If you are interested or would like me to come to your school, group or organisation, get in touch. History is just about the best thing you can look at.

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