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Don't panic - The Home Front

It's an exciting time here at the 3Rs. All the planning for our 2nd World War days is done - and we have some great new resources.

Rationing is one of the topics. It is extraordinary to think what foods were rationed, what were not and how much people could have. Research has shown that some people actually ate better in the 2nd World War than before in the 1930s. The rationing of food, the incentive to grow your own food, and the improved awareness of the need for nutrition. One of the new resources is a weekly ration pack for students to investigate. Very useful and exciting for the students to actually SEE a weekly ration.

Also exciting to have invested in suitcases to illustrate the reality of evacuation. If you were leaving the city, and could only take one suitcase, what would you take? What emotional items would be a 'must have'? Would you take your toys or your letters from parents? Again - a great set of resources have been created. One of the key learning points we focus on is the ability to handle items. It really does bring the history alive.

Get in touch if your school would like a visit? An ARP warden and a soldier on leave tell the story of the Home Front. We are cheaper than most because the money doesn't really matter. It is about the experience we can bring to the students.

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