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The Romans are Coming to Valley Primary

It was a wonderful day on Monday 2 October, as the legions arrived to Valley Primary in Solihull. It was a lovely day and 80+ Year 4 were assembled for a day of Roman battle drill, artefact handling, creative work and story telling. The day had been created by Mrs Huntingdon who was head of Year 4, and the whole day was a smashing success.

The students experienced a session of Roman battle drill. They created the famous 'Testudo', and learnt how the Romans used the gladius and the pilum. They also learnt about the decimation of soldiers if things went wrong. They also handled many artefacts such as amphoras, mosaics, strigils and sandals. They asked some great questions and enjoyed the investigation.

They all took part in a story-telling session where legionary Decimus told the story of how Rome invaded Britain. It was amazing how much they already knew, and great questions were asked.

Finally, they created learning walls and memory boards of the day. It was superb fun for all. I had a great time meeting them all - and they seemed to have great fun.

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