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The term has started - hooray

Well it is September already, and the hordes are streaming back into school. Not suprisingly, the weather is gorgeous, the class rooms will be sweltering, and lessons a challenge.

It has been a busy summer. Creating 30 authentic Roman shields, buying resources for the 1st and 2nd World War theme days, and looking to 'get myself out there'. Some exciting news is that I now have access to many historical archive sites; and this is also helping me improve the quality of the information and ideas that I can deliver to schools.

GCSE theme days have also gone well. I am now ready to offer Revision Days for Edexcel topics such as the Cold War, Germany 1919-39, Early Elizabethan England and Crime and Punishment. I shall be adding the American West and Medicine Through Time within the next few weeks.

It's all systems go. Currently having problems with the online booking - so if you want to get in touch, use the enquiry form or ring me directly. Details are on the website. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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