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3Rs Solihull

Revisit, Reflect, Remember

Bringing the History to you

Put a Sock in it

To ‘put a sock in it’ has its’ origins in the 19th Century and the first record gramophones. As they had no volume control, the only way to reduce the volume was to stuff woollen socks into the horns.

The meaning – reduce the noise

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What You Said

Mr Bottrill

Higham Lane High School

A brilliant talk to the students. It was inspiring and motivating. You have a very engaging delivery. I really enjoyed it.

Mrs Vaughan

Crackley Hall School


The day was brilliant. I knew you would be good – but I didn’t realise you would be that good!

Mrs Hardwick

Badsey Primary School

The artefacts were great, the students loved handling them. They learnt lots about the trenches – but also in a way I didn’t expect. A great day.

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About Me

I make history interactive,

aiming to educate and entertain.

I have been a history teacher for 25 years, and decided that my skills, interests and passion for the subject could be better served by taking the learning out of the traditional classroom into the more interactive and ‘hands-on’ approach. I have taught at secondary and primary level, I have a huge range of experience in delivering exam results and leading trips to historical sites – both in the UK and abroad. I have led international visits to the 1st World War battlefields, Washington DC and Auschwitz in Poland. History is my passion and I have studied and embraced it since an early age. I have experience in delivering lectures to both young people and adults. This has deepened my knowledge; but also my desire to inspire others to enjoy the wonder and value of history as I do. This is one of the key factors that shapes the aims of the 3Rs. Outside of history, I am a keen sportsman. I have played hockey for many years, and in the summer I play cricket. I have been very lucky to play representative hockey at National League level, and play for Herefordshire 050S in the County Championship. When not ‘doing history’ or playing sport I love to travel with my wife Fiona. I love walking my dog Pepper, and we have our son Daniel who lives in Poland with his Polish wife. Keeping busy is key, and I also volunteer at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

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Cat Got Your Tongue?

The phrase ‘the cat got your tongue’ has possibly its’ origins in ancient Egypt when liars had their tongues cut out and fed to cats. It could also have been first used during the days of Empire, when English sailors were whipped with the ‘Cat O Nine Tail’ and were often rendered unable to talk thanks to the pain.

cat got your tongue-01_edited.png
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